(Disclosure pursuant to art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/03 – Code for the protection of personal information)

For parties insured by ACE EUROPEAN GROUP LTD

Processing of personal information for insurance purposes

In order to provide you with the insurance services and/or products requested or envisaged on your behalf, our Company needs to have your personal information - information to be collected, some of which must be provided to us by you or by third parties under legal obligation, and/or information already collected, provided by you or by other parties – and has to process the same for insurance purposes. We therefore inform you that the information strictly necessary for the provision of the afore-mentioned insurance services and/or products will be processed by our Company and by third parties to whom said information will therefore be sent. As regards the processing of any sensitive information strictly regarding the provision of the cited insurance services and/or products – the processing of which is permitted under general authorisations issued by the Data Protection Supervisory Authority – you will be asked for specific consent. Furthermore, solely for the above-cited purposes and always limited to that which is strictly required in the transaction between you and our Company, we hereby inform you that the information, depending on the case, may or must be communicated to other parties in the insurance industry or of a public nature that operate – in Italy or abroad – as independent holders, all of which form the so-called “insurance supply chain”, namely parties that process personal information for the purpose of executing the contract, partially of a purely organisational function; We would like to clarify that without your information we will not be able to provide you with all or part of the cited insurance services and/or products.


Procedure for the use of personal information

The information is processed by our Company – the data controller – only using the means and procedures, including IT and those via the Internet, strictly necessary to provide you with the insurance services and/or products requested or envisaged on your behalf, or, if you have consented, for market research, statistical surveys and promotional activities; the same means and procedures are also used when the information is provided for the above-cited purposes to the parties previously indicated in this note, who in turn are obliged to process them using the means and the procedures strictly necessary for the specific purposes indicated in this note. In our Company, the information is processed by employees and co-workers within their respective functions and in accordance with the instructions received, always and only for the specific purposes indicated in this note; the same occurs for the parties previously indicated in this note to whom the information is transmitted. For some activities, we use trusted parties – who sometimes operate abroad – who provide technical and organisational services to use; the parties also indicated in this note to whom the information is sent, also act in the same way.


Rights of the interested party

You have the right to know, at any time, what information of yours is held by individual data controllers, namely by our Company or by the parties indicated above to whom we the information, and how it is used; you also have the right to request that it is updated, supplemented, rectified or cancelled and to request a block or oppose its processing. To exercise your rights, as well as for more detailed information regarding the parties or categories of parties to whom the information is sent or who become aware of the same as supervisors and persons in charge of processing, you may contact our Manager for information on the parties in question at ACE European Group Ltd. – General Representative for Italy – viale Monza 258 Milan (MI) – Tel. 02-270951– Fax 02-27095333.


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